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The Life of Cosimo I de Medici: Art Patron Extraordinaire

We must talk about selfies before diving into the Medici exhibit at the Met. Selfies are a type of portrait, and they have been in existence since the invention of mirrors. Even the word "selfie" has its origin in a misspelling of "self-portrait" which was coined by English painter Sir Joshua Reynolds in 1785. The first selfie was taken by Robert Cornelius on September 1839, using a camera he constructed himself. Why are selfies or portraits so popular? Selfies are a way to perform and express identity. They provide an opportunity for people to reclaim their voice, their reflections, and their representation.  Many of our contemporaries like Andy Warhol used selfies as his medium to further his career and fame....

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Examining Isolation Within "Ghost Forest"

Now, more than ever, there’s a temptation to represent the feeling of isolation. That wasn’t Maya Lin’s only goal in “Ghost Forest,” her public installation piece patiently placed in the center of Madison Square Park...

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Welcome to Private Museum Tours!

We want to help you experience the world of art differently. If you’ve ever wanted to tour a museum but weren’t sure how to do it yourself, we can help. Museums are major tourist attractions, educational institutions, and even social environments. But for those who exhibit art...

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