The Philadelphia Museum of Art: A Major Piece of American History

Introduction: Why the Philadelphia Museum of Art is Important to American Culture

History and Architecture at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

The building itself is an architectural masterpiece with its own history as well, having been designed by architect Frank Furness in 1872, and started construction in 1874 and completed in 1878 due to construction delays caused by workers striking during the winter and spring seasons.

Impressive Exhibitions and Collections at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Featuring Contemporary Philadelphia Artists

Philadelphia is a vibrant and influential hub for artists of all media, whether they were born in, work in, or are inspired by the community and culture of the city. Many artists who live or are vitally connected to Philadelphia are featured in the museum’s collection. Encompassing a wide array of artistic approaches and media, these artists participate in furthering contemporary art in both the local and global scenes. As Philadelphia is characterized by love and grit, so too do its artists take up complex and challenging themes while participating in and supporting the arts of our city.

Works by Black Artists On View Now

The museum owns more than 1,400 Black artists' works, and the collection grows every year. 

Contemporary Korean Craft

The contemporary Korean craft part of the museum’s collection is representative of a culture that traditionally had a strong handcraft tradition and has blended that with artists who added their own personal touch using an array of techniques; materials. The museum has been collecting Korean contemporary artworks from the mid-90s onward and has a captivating collection that includes many mediums.

Self-Taught Art

Because Self-Taught art is so difficult to define, it's often grouped with a larger category called "outsider art." It can be hard to categorize because the work it has varies. One of the most notable things about outsider art is how it challenges tried and true standards of what constitutes "art."

Conclusion: What Makes the Philadelphia Museum of Art?

We love it because it highlights art that's relevant today and the conversations that artists are bringing to our lives. It makes you want to be a part of this community. With the Covid, many of our friends have relocated to Pennsylvania.  If you are in PA, please check out "Ghosts and Fragments." Through summer 2023.

See how contemporary artists like Nick Cave and Robert Gober explore the nature of presence and absence, reconsidering the physical form of the body or emotional and political states of being. In this installation, disembodied artifacts—fragments of limbs, fractured objects, and haunting icons—yield poetic, political, and subjective interpretations of the self, invisibility, and otherness.


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