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Are you looking for an artist to collaborate with, who has innovative thinking and unique works of art? Look no further! Meet NYC artists who will bring your ideas to life and help you create a masterpiece that is one of a kind. With the art world of possibilities, uncover the perfect match for your project now!

With over twenty plus years of museum background experience, our advisors are ready to help you find the perfect art piece for your space. Since 2013, we have been in business and have helped countless customers find the perfect fit for their walls. 

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Here are some of the artists we can visit or commission for your needs!

Kate Clark: Collection at the JP Morgan, 21C Museum

Mahmoud Hamadani: Collection at the Met, British Museum

Jesse Lambert: Curator & Artist

Nichole van Beek: Professor & Artist

Christian Nguyen:  Professor & Artist

Reid Dodson: Aka WholeFood Butcher 

Noah Post: Abstract Figurative

Jeremy Stenger: Collection at the Frederick R. Weisman Foundation

Nick Naber : Utopian Cities in Watercolor

Mark Greenberg (aka Monteverdi Fine Art): Master Copies & Painting Conservation

Contemporary realist miniaturist, painter, and curator. She is also a social media influencer. 

 YongJae Kim, Hyperrealist Painter 

Cameila Mohebi, Persian Drum Paintings (Daf Drum Series) Lives in Dubai and London

 Arvie Sanggar-Garasi, Lives & works in Bali

Andre Yoga, Lives & works in Bali

Violet Baxter, Painting and Drawing
Naomi Plotkin, Painting and Portraits

Tatiana Arocha, Anthropologists and Environmentalists - Visual Artist. 
Richard Wiesel, Storytelling Photographer based in Sydney, Australia.

We also collaborate with Susan Inglett, Space 776, PROXYCO, and High Noon Galleries to name a few. 

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