Galleries/Artist Studio Visits

Explore galleries with us in Chelsea, Upper or Lower East Side.

Or would you rather meet NYC artists in their studios? We have artists from emerging to mid-career and established working exclusively with us. Let us know what kind of art you are seeking. For this type of tour, we asked that you give us enough notice as much as possible. 

Here are some of the ARTISTS that we can visit: 
Kate Clark
Mahmoud Hamadani via Michelle Loh (Ink Drawings)
Jesse Lambert
Nichole van Beek
Christian Nguyen 
Reid Dodson
Noah Post
Jeremy Stenger
Nick Naber 
Camelia Mohebi lives & works in London and Dubai. 
Dongfan Chen
Judith Weller
Christian Breed 
Mark Wagner via Pavel Zoubok Gallery, 531 W 26th St
William Villalongo via Susan Inglett Gallery, 522 W 24th St 
Jourdain Jongwon Lee via Space 776, 229 Central Avenue, Brooklyn