Kid-Friendly/Family Tours

Kid-Friendly/Family Tours 

Celebrate and learn with Private Museum Tours! We provide family and kid-friendly museum tours of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET), and The American Museum of Natural History (AMNH). 

What Makes Us Different?

We want to empower young children with exciting art while creating discussions to help children develop their imaginations, share their ideas, and formulate their thoughts. Our 20-plus years of experience have taught us that encouraging and fueling a child’s imagination is the key to success. 

  • We provide a personalized VIP experience for your family and children. 
  • Our tour guide is an Art Museum Educator and Guide.
    • We focus on empowering our youth.
    • We provide creative discussion.
    • We engage their imaginations with story-based information. 
  • We offer intimate tours dedicated to you and your family. (5 people or less)

Private Museum Tours are great for birthdays, educational opportunities, and special occasions. 

Private MET Tours

We offer custom and private tours of the MET on Wednesdays. If you’re concerned about your children’s behavior or if they have specialized needs that might prevent them from enjoying the museum during regular business hours, then our Private MET Museum Tours are perfect for you and your family.

Our Museum Guide works at the Met, so she can provide a behind-the-scenes experience other tours cannot offer. Your family’s tour will be an excellent learning experience, perfect for expanding culture, history, and art knowledge. 


Special Occasion Tours

We value special occasions and believe that visiting New York City’s museums are a special event filled with special memories and knowledge. Private Museum Tours provides family and kid-friendly museum tours to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and more. We offer an exciting and educational experience perfect for you and your family. 


Please let us know if you’re interested in specific content or ideas. Our Art Educators, Curators, and Artists are ready to bring your vision to life through interactive and educational tours. 


We also provide Virtual Art Tours designed for kids and families. Our museum expert is an Art Educator and guide, so whether in-person tours or Virtual Tours, you know your family is getting the best information and will be well-entertained.


We’re excited to announce our very own kid’s book, inspired for kids with drawings from kids here from New York City. Beauty and Absurdity: A Coloring Book By Kids, For Kids: Museum Coloring Book is a one-of-a-kind book from the members of Private Museum Tours. 


Contact us today to book your family’s Private Museum Tour! 


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