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Special Promo: Virtual Gallery, Walks, & Talks for Adults

Regular price $75.00 Sale price $40.00

NEW: Biweekly session for adults all virtually online. Too busy and tired to visit all of the museums in NYC? Join us on Friday evenings (second and fourth week of the month) with refreshments of your choice, as we virtually tour different galleries and museums in NYC. Different insights will be shared and discussed. Our virtual tours will be lead by one of our guides or/with Maria. 90 min session. Limited to 6 adults per group. All sessions will be recorded. Click here to see a 2 min tease on Youtube.

When: June 7, 2020
Time: 11:30 - 12:45 pm 
Rate: $40 per person/session (PROMO Price)
Please note this is a group rate. If one on one session is preferred, please email us. 

What to bring? 
Your favorite refreshments. We may sketch from time to time, depending on a topic or content. However, basic art supplies will be used like a pencil, pen, or paper. 

All classes will be via a Zoom invite, and a password will be provided. 

Cancellation: All sales are final. However, if you give us a 48-hour cancellation, we will offer you a gift code to use for next time. 

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