News — probably evolving about 400 million years ago. They weave their webs to catch flies and attract mates. They also appear to rely on vibrations from the silk strands to locate prey and find deformitie RSS

Through floating sculptures, interactive installations, artist Tomás Saraceno invites YOU

Through floating sculptures, interactive installations, often with spiders and their webs, artist Tomás Saraceno invites you to think about the vibration that can only be heard and found in total darkness. A newly commissioned sensory experience, Free the Air: How to hear the universe in a spider/web, a 95-foot-diameter installation (the sensory experience in The McCourt) AND the gallery exhibition at the Shed in Hudson Yard. Give yourself at least 30 MIN to check-in for the safety waiver agreement and other instructions needed. Only 25 people are allowed in the Upper Level (45 ft above the ground) and 20 in the Lower Level per time slot. For those with Arachnophobia we don't recommend this exhibit. However, if you love science, it's a must!

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